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Ron Buttress has been serving the hard of hearing for over 20 years in the same location at 1006 N York in Muskogee. Ron is Board Certified by Hearing Instrument Sciences and a Senior Member of the American Auditory Society. Ron is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. Ron is dedicated to helping individuals improve their hearing. Life is so much more enjoyable when you can hear what's going on around you. Our hearing aids can help you get back to the life you remember just call (918) 694-5270, and speak to Ron. 

Don't put off the help you need, we have plans for almost any budget!


The best prices in the area
45 Day Trial
Rechargeable hearing aids
Latest technology​
Interest-free financing
Accept all major credit cards​
United Healthcare Hearing Provider
We honor Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal
We will file your insurance

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When technology works intuitively, you barely notice it is there. Hearing aid technology has come a long way from the big, bulky devices of the past. ReSound has been a pioneer in building innovative hearing solutions and makes it easier and more comfortable than ever before to access personalized sound that suits your lifestyle.




ReSound ONE™ is our most natural sounding hearing aid that is designed for your ears' organic structure to collect sound the way nature intended. It's designed to meet your individual needs and enhances hearing in any environment. You can focus in on speech right in front of you with the Ultra Focus feature.

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Resound Omnia

The everyday details that make a huge difference
Hearing in noise is a huge challenge for people with hearing loss. We have taken a great leap forward with the sound benefits that ReSound OMNIA offers, which help people hear what they want even better in noise. You now have everything you need to impress your patients with ease.


Resound One with M&Rie*

Hear like no other
Hearing feels like second nature with our unique Organic Hearing approach and individualized solutions. New ReSound ONE™ Behind-the-Ear styles, including a Power BTE, join popular Receiver-in-Ear designs and our groundbreaking M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) – all with new options for connectivity.

*Rechargeable and Custom wireless headset


Other Brands
We Carry

  • Unitron

  • Widex

  • Phonak 


"Ron is very friendly, gracious, and helpful about trying to solve all of our hearing needs. I'm amazed at the advances in the hearing aid's abilities now! Ron is extremely good at explaining them to us. He is also eager to clean our hearing aids and/or replace or adjust any parts that need it. I would recommend him to anyone who has a hearing impairment!!!"

Angela Jones

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